Ep 103 - TV Producer Jaime Davila on Producing Hispanic Content for US Audiences, Entrepreneur John Henry on Helping Minority Businesses


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Mexican-American TV producer Jaime Davila Jr. and 26-year-old Dominican entrepreneur John Henry join the show. Davila talks how the new Hispanic content today is being created for general audiences (1:30) and Henry discusses his new entrepreneur show 'Hustle' on Viceland, plus, he gives some advice on what you need to start a small business. (39:43)

Episode Summary

Jaime Davila interview - 1:30

Why he develops Hispanic content for general audiences - 2:20

He explains the formula of US Latino programming - 6:06

Why white Hollywood buyers don't purchase Hispanic content - 7:03

How he convinces buyers that Latino productions are good business - 10:32

He discusses new productions Selena on Netflix and Mexican Dynasties on Bravo - 12:37

Casting indigenous faces - 23:19

Does Hollywood want Latinx stories? - 27:04

His view of the state of Hispanic content today - 29:20

Has he thought of quitting the business of Latino production - 31:04

Advise for young producers getting into the business - 33:32

Music playlist - 38:35

Raquel Sofía - La Persona Que Eres

Aterciopelados - Play

Luis Miguel - Soy Lo Prohibido

John Henry interview - 39:43

Summary of the TV show 'Hustle' - 40:36

How do you pick the people you help on the show - 41:48

How he got the show developed - 43:16

How Alicia Keys and Marcus Samuelsson got involved in the show - 44:13

Due to short attention spans, why are the episodes 1hr long and not 30 minutes - 47:07

Why he wants to help people - 47:55

What you need to start a business - 48:49

Why there's a dearth of wealthy Hispanics in America - 51:16

Lack of interest in business from Latino youth - 54:04

Influences - 56:35

Hispanic role models - 58:22

How does someone with a great business idea get to scale? - 1:00:23

Do you need to know business first before creating a business? - 1:03:47

What he wants people to take away from 'Hustle' - 1:05:58

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