Ep 105 - Javier Bardem on Acting, Penélope Cruz and 'Everybody Knows,' Oscar Predictions with Mike Sargent


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Javier Bardem discusses his new movie 'Everybody Knows' starring Penélope Cruz, the moments on set where his acting just sucked and what he did to overcome it. He talked about working with wife Penélope, he also offers incredible insight on what actors need to do to give the best performance of their life, and what Alfonso Cuarón said to him when I asked why they haven’t worked together yet. (1:25)

Our 'JackedIn' segment, a recap of all the most highly relevant Latinx pop culture news of the week. (19:01)

And film critic Mike Sargent on who will win at the Oscars this Sunday, what they need to improve their poor ratings, and why no one really wanted to host the Oscars this year. (20:19)

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