Ep 11 Best of Waco Lodge No. 92


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Today's show topic: Best of Waco Lodge No. 92

What happened in Masonic History Today?

Today in Masonic History Nathanael Greene passes away in 1786.


In this episode, We have the pleasure of inviting W. Bro. Robert Marshall back on the show. This time we get a run down of some of his favorite members from the Waco rosters throughout the years. Bro. Marshall has performed extensive research on the history of his lodge and truly has a passion for it. You will not want to miss this episode as we travel back in time with Bro. Marshall and get introduced to some amazing and influential Brothers who were all members of Waco lodge!

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This week we feature Bro. Robert Blackwells video submission on why he became a Freemason. Permission to use video was granted by the Grand Lodge of Michigan.

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