Episode 16: Lavender Apparitions


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Happy Halloween everybody! As good Halloween gays, Leigh and Gretchen bring you a special, spoopy episode for Halloween. In the first half, they bring tales of gay and lesbian ghosts and lavender apparitions of all kinds, though of the kindly and perhaps a bit cheeky variety rather than bloody or scary. For the second half, they interview Joe Applebaum, one of the producers of Queer Ghost Hunters, a paranormal investigation series on YouTube focused on finding and talking to queer ghosts. So grab your bucket of candy and get ready for some spoopy fun on History is Gay!Outline0:00 – Introduction

6:41– Socio-Historic Context: Spiritualism

11:23 – Lavender Apparitions and Queer Ghosts

45:16 – Leigh and Gretchen Plan Their Hauntings

52:23 – Fun Segment: Pop Culture Tie-In

54:47 – How Gay were They?

56:31 – Interview with Joe Applebaum of Queer Ghost Hunters

1:44:47 – Closing and Where to Find us Online

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The music used in this episode is “Hammond Horror” by Keschco from the Free Music Archive, and sound effects were by Mike Koenig from Soundbible.com

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