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On this episode of the History of the 90s, Host Kathy Kenzora looks back at Girl Power, a 90’s phenomenon that introduced a generation of young girls to feminism and empowerment.

If you think of the Spice Girls when you hear Girl Power, you are not wrong. But before the Spice Girls were kicking it for the girls with hit songs like “Wannabe,” the Riot GRRL movement in the Pacific Northwest was advocating for Girl Power.

We’ll talk to authors Alison Yarrow and Anne T. Donahue as we track the Girl Power movement from Riot Grrl to the Spice Girls and try to understand how it impacted music and society in the 90s and today.


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Anne T. Donahue

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Allison Yarrow, author of 90s Bitch: Media, Culture and the Failed Equality Promise of Gender Equality

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