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In July 1996, a back pack bomb rocked the Summer Olympics in Atlanta killing one person and injuring over 100 others. The bomb had been left under a bench in the middle of Centennial Olympic Park on the eighth day of the games.

On this episode of History of the 90s, host Kathy Kenzora looks back at the tragedy that struck the 100th games and the police investigation that followed. Security Guard Richard Jewell who discovered the bomb before it exploded was first hailed a hero. Then just a few days later he was identified as the main suspect by the media who had a field day with his reputation.

This is the story of Richard Jewell, a cautionary tale about what happens when the police and the media rush to judgment.


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Kent Alexander, former US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia

Twitter: @Kentbale

Kevin Salwen, Journalist

Twitter: @KevinSalwen

They co-authored: The Suspect: An Olympic Bombing, The FBI, The Media and Richard Jewell, The Man Caught in the Middle.


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