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On this episode Host Kathy Kenzora is looking back at how tabloid media had a feeding frenzy on the Long Island Lolita.

In May 1992, a high school senior on Long Island, New York, went to the home of her much older ex-lover and shot his wife in the face.

17 year old Amy Fisher had been having an affair with 37 year old Joey Buttafuco for 18 months and was angry that he wanted to end the relationship.

Within days, Amy was dubbed “The Long Island Lolita” and the story exploded in the media around the country. Amy and the Buttafuco’s became household names overnight and tabloid newspapers and TV shows scrambled to dig up dirt on anyone involved with the story.

This type of down and dirty pseudo-journalism was extremely common in the 90s, just think Lorena Bobbitt, Tanya Harding, Heidi Fleiss, Hugh Grant, George Michael and Peewee Herman.

David Kamp, a contributing editor for Vanity Fair Magazine, wrote about the phenomenon in 1999 and dubbed the 90s the Tabloid Decade.

Kamp, explains in this episode that the coverage of tabloid stories in the 90s was weirdly out of proportion thanks in part to the popularity of tabloid TV shows like A Current Affair, Hard Copy and Inside Edition.

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