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On this episode of History of the 90s we are looking back at one particular day in 1995 that was the climax of a trial that gripped the public’s attention. October 3rd marks 24 years since 95 million people watched live on TV as the verdicts were read in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial.

After an eight month trial, the country waited anxiously to find out what would happen on the streets of Los Angeles If OJ was found guilty. Police were on standby outside the L.A. county courthouse in case there was a riot similar to the recent Rodney King related riots.

Host Kathy Kenzora takes a look back at that day from a special perspective. She was outside the L.A. County courthouse with a microphone and tape recorder covering the reaction for a Toronto radio station. This episode, which first aired on her previous podcast The History of 1995, recreates a day that lives on in infamy.


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