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We take a deep dive into Friends, one of the most Iconic TV shows of the decade. Host Kathy Kenzora will try to understand how the show about six 20-somethings in New York became a global phenomenon and why it continues to capture the hearts of fans around the world 25 years later.

Friends was created by three ex-New Yorkers who remembered what it was like when they were trying to navigate an uncertain future after college when friends were family. We’ll take you behind the scenes as creators put together the cast and prepared for the pilot episode which aired on September 22, 1994.

We’ll look at all of the ways that Friends impacted culture, from fashion and music to the legendary Rachel haircut. We’ll also talk to author Kelsey Miller about the surprising impact that Friends has had on people around the world who have learned to speak English by watching the show.

We’ll address some of the questions and controversies that have arisen about Friends, since the recent resurgence of the show and try to explain why it still stands up for an entire new generation of viewers.


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