Hive Talkin - Bee Business with Alex Conti of The Apiarist Gin


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Now I don’t want to stereotype here but you may have noticed I’m Scottish. And we Scots love a tipple. So when I found out about The Apiarist Gin I just had to know more. Who are these clever people that have married two of my favourite things.. Gin & Honey! Then when I started to do a little more research and my husband found out they had branched out into Rum he wanted me to find out more!

When dynamic couple Alex and Natalie Conti found their international exhibitions company thwarted by the global pandemic they used the free time as an opportunity and looked to their bees for inspiration. In addition to selling delicious honey and beeswax products from The Little Apiary, they diversified into the world of drinks-making and brewing - with extremely successful results.

Join me as I Hive talk with Alex Conti founder and owner of The Apiarist Gin.
Find out more about Alex's drinks at and their honey and beeswax products at Plus make sure you stay up to speed with new product releases (often limited edition so you'd better be quick!) on social media @theapiaristgin and @ourlittleapiary

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