Hive Talkin with Elizabeth Barton & Keith Griffiths - Mindfulness in the company of Honeybees


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When all around us is a whirl of change, solace can be found in an apiary and mindfulness in the company of bees.

Im joined by Elizabeth Barton of Oakdale Bees. Elizabeth runs an apiary set in 4 acres of wild meadow bordering the Royal Windsor Forrest in Berkshire. In addition to producing delicious local honey and beeswax products Oakdale Bees also run Beekeeping Experience Days built around the practice of Mindfulness. Join us as we discuss how the Principals of Mindfulness fit perfectly with beekeeping and how being outdoors and connecting with nature is so beneficial to our mental health. (Insta: @oakdalebees FB: @Oakdalebees)

I’m also speaking with Keith Griffiths (and his Mum Stephanie) of Kentucky based Beeing2gether. Keith is an inspirational young man who despite facing adversity in his short life has overcome his mental health issues through working with bees. No only has he started his own honey business, mentors others on beekeeping and loans hives he has now written a book Honey Bees & Beekeeping - A Mental Health Miracle with a new publication in the pipeline! (Insta: @beeing2gether FB: @Beeing2getherLLC)

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