Hive Talkin with Dr Jeff Pettis - President of Apimondia


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In this inaugural episode we’re Hive Talkin with Dr Jeff Pettis, President of APIMONDIA the International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations and gain an insight into where beekeeping is globally. As an award winning Entomologist Dr Jeff is ideally placed to guide us through the current issues facing honeybees and pollinators world wide and advise on what we as both fellow residents of our planet and beekeepers can do to support our buzzing friends. Who knew we'd end up talkin about badgers but hey... it's still all about the bees!

Find out more about current Apimondia research and projects at and follow them on Instagram @apimondiabees / Facebook @apomondia-federation and who knows .... perhaps we’ll meet at the next Global Convention in Russia 2022!
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