Hive Talkin with Helen Rogers - Author of 80 Flowers For Bees


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In this episode I'm Hive Talkin all things flowers with Helen Rogers of Highgate Honey in North London who used her lockdown time to really observe what plants the bees were attracted to at certain times. During the last year of off and on lockdowns, like many of us, Helen and her mother Eva were unable to meet but they’d chat regularly about what plants in Eva’s established Oxfordshire garden the bees were attracted to. Over the months Helen kept detailed notes which she has now turned into an easy to use guide book - 80 Flowers For Bees.
Perfect for everyone who wants to support our bees and pollinators in their outdoor space but, like me, have no idea where to start. Join us as we chat flowers, planting, bees and as always a little bit of honey!
To find out more about Highgate Honey, get hold of a copy of Helens new book or reserve a place at her World Bee Day Honey Tasting online event in May 2021 visit and follow Helen and her bees on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @HighgateHoney.

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