#271 Darren Carter "It's The Little Things"


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Darren Carter and I have a lot in common when it comes to podcasting... We both have had different podcasts with different co-hosts until we took matters into our own hands. In this episode we share some of the ups and downs we have experienced from building something from the ground up. Click here to get a quote from MasterClass: https://www.embracepetinsurance.com/?irclickid=SypRV%253A1UjxyOUm10EkzjZTwgUknSwtTdQWo%253AUQ0&irgwc=1&utm_source=Impact&utm_medium=2060057 Click here for MasterClass: https://www.masterclass.com/?utm_content=Text&utm_campaign=MC&utm_source=Paid&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_term=Aq-Prospecting&sscid=31k4_92utp

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