Homeschool Rhythms: Narration


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If there is a quintessential practice in Charlotte Mason’s approach to education, it is the act of narration. You can pick and choose which living books you want to read, you can use watercolors or not in your nature journaling, and you can dictate your own routine in a way that best fits your family, but you simply cannot reap the full benefits of Charlotte Mason’s approach without narration.


Narration is the art of knowing. Simply stated, it’s the act of telling back what you have heard in a way that is authentic to you. This isn’t about parroting back the last sentence or idea of a paragraph; it’s about processing the information you’ve received and delivering it back in a meaningful way. Charlotte Mason said, “if you cannot tell, you do not know.”

Narration is a challenging demonstration of true knowing and makes multiple-choice, comprehension questions, and the like, unnecessary.

There are two types of narration: oral and written.

Join me today as I talk about the benefits of narration.

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