The Value of Teaching Through Stories with Jim Weiss


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Stories have been a part of human history from the very beginning and have been used as a powerful teaching tool throughout the centuries. Teaching through stories is a wonderful way to approach lessons in your homeschool, as well.

Jim Weiss is a household name among many homeschoolers and he made his mark by doing this very thing - teaching through stories. His seamless delivery and enchanting ability to tell a great tale allows him to weave important character development and historical fact into wonderful stories that listeners are happy to enjoy. Jim and his wife, Randy, were pioneers in the field when they began the journey of bringing stories to children via audio way before audiobooks were a thing.

Join us today as Jim talks about why oral stories matter so much and are worth including in our homeschool. Listening to stories is such a beautiful benefit for our outside-the-box kiddos who may struggle to read them on their own. In his storytelling, Jim makes these timeless tales accessible to kids who might not otherwise be able to enjoy them independently.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • why stories matter so much
  • how you can include Jim's audios into your homeschool teaching
  • why teaching through stories is so powerful
  • how storytelling makes these great lessons and tales accessible to our outside-the-box kiddos
  • an example of Jim's storytelling ability as he performs one of my family's favorite poems, "Jabberwocky"
  • why these timeless tales are so important to us today

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