Ep. 40 Bih Sit Down, Be Humble!


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What’s up Homies? Here to give you your quarantine fix! its been a minute since the last time we spoke but hey, we're here. So we start off by getting str8 to the shits with Veresz: Teddy Riley v. Babyface, listen it was great for the culture but it definitely had its shaky moments. After we dive into a throwback moment going over the golden age of Youtube, all the great content and shows that lead to some of our favorite personalities. This led us to our conclusion of wtf happened with Spoken Reasons and Emmanuel Hudson? We talk about that and the whole Wild n' out situation. Follow on twitter and tweet live with us on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday @hmelvrfrndpod #hlf #hlfxbet As always thank you for listening...and don't forget to follow us on IG @HomieLoverFriendPodcast & on TWITTER @HmeLvrFrndPod to keep up with us in between episodes. Peace. GET YOUR MERCH: https://teespring.com/search?q=Homie%2BLover%2BFriend%2BPodcast

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