Episode 46 All The Way Up!!! (Except for Quibi)


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Whatsup homies! So in this episode ya'll we really "fanned out! All I'm going to say now is "Spoiler Alert!" we some of the moves that our favorite podcast and social media celebs are making and just how much inspires us to get back on our grind. We also dive and analyze how Quibi didn't make it after only being around for six months. Then we go on a rather long tangent on why Love Craft Country might just be the best show ever created. (praying for second season) and to finish up we go back to Married At First Site, and revisit our favorite couple that don't like each other; Karen and Miles. To be honest their relationship really boils my blood, but we can't stop watching the toxic goodness. We love you guys we really do we bout to ramp up this content family, thanks for always supporting us it really means a lot. Don't forget to follow us on IG: @HomieLoverFriendPodcast and on Twitter: @HmeLvrFrndPod to keep up with us between episodes.

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