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ITS A GOOD FN HORRIBLE GAMERS SPECIAL - MAYO and GUNNY of the HORRIBLE GAMERS PODCAST met up with Penpoint and Alen Maybe to discuss all the awesome gaming news!!! Apex Legends, Paladins, Red Dead Redemption, Titanfall, news and a bunch of cool stuff. anyways... just holdin the fort down for JESUSWALKSALOT.

intro trackFWLR & TWISTEX//Breakout/mixedwith///L3ft Luca5//Off Me Nut Allstars Vol.2//off me nut records//

Break Track 1////Rokhausen- T.F.F.O.D.B 2012 (gas station weed mix)///////reactionary records///

closing track//Mech Mod//Keep Em Coming (Instrumental)//http://mechmod.bandcamp.com//

cheers and enjoy. GFNG+HG

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