#125- Hannah Telle (Life is Strange -Max) Scott Clark (The Gaming Outsider) Alyssa White (AlyCat Geekery)


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Hannah Telle drops by for a super fun podcast. We talk about her return as Max in Life is Strange Before the Storm. The Farewell episode comes out this week (March 6th). Scott Clark from The Hollywood Outsider and The Gaming Outsider podcasts, drops by and tells us some pretty funny stories. Hannah sings a few songs for us, and Alyssa White drops by for a few minutes to say hi!We answered a few questions from the Horrible Gamers facebook group. Shout out to John Jerome and Jefferey Rittenour for the comments/questions!

Find Hannah on Twitter: @HannahTelle

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannahtelle/

Bandcamp: https://hannahtelle.bandcamp.com/

Find Scott on Twitter: @scottielindsay

The Gaming Outsider: @TheGOcast

The Hollywood Outsider: @buypopcorn

Find Alyssa on Twitter: @Lyssarie

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsalyssawhite/

Website: http://Alycatgeekery.com

Youtube: YouTube.com/unchartedgirl88


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