Episode 20 - Cursed Paintings


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A curse is any expressed wish that some form of misfortune will befall on a person, place, or object. Some believe that curses are created by a supernatural power while some believe that it can be created by magic or witchcraft. It is also thought that sometimes events occur that stain a person or object, and because of this a curse develops.

Many things are said to be cursed. There is a bunch of lore that talks about many kinds of things that are said to be cursed, but for me cursed paintings stands out. I love antiques. The thought that a piece of art that I bring into my home may cause destruction and pain is not something I usually think about, but when I researched some of the stories that you will hear today - the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

Welcome to Episode 20…Cursed Paintings.

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