Episode 23 - Satanic Panic


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In the 1980’s and 1990’s, satanic ritual abuse allegations started popping in the United States and soon travelled to other parts of the world. This moral panic was named Satanic Panic, and was filled of reports of physical and sexual abuse of people in rituals of devil worship. In its most extreme, the allegations involved a conspiracy of a world wide organization that was led by the wealthy and powerful, and children who were abducted or bred for human sacrifice, pornography, and prostitution.

It didn’t matter if there was proof…it didn’t matter if you were innocent. Just like the Salem Witch Trials, if you were accused…you were guilty. To this day people are still in jail concerning these allegations, and experts say that the accusations are not over.

I do want to give you all a warning. Today’s episode will be discussing allegations of child abuse. Listener discretion is advised.

Welcome to episode 23…Satanic Panic…

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