Episode 27 - The Hills Have Eyes - The True Story of Sawney Bean


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In the late 1970s, Wes Craven was a struggling filmmaker who created his first horror movie which is now the classic The Last House on the Left. He did want to branch out, but could only find financing for horror films. He soon realized that he was really, really good at scaring people, and soon became the best known horror filmmaker of all time. Forty years ago, he produced another film on a very tight budget…The Hills Have Eyes. Even in todays standards, this movie is brutal.

It starts with Bob Carter, his wife Ethel, and five other family members driving in their camper vans going towards San Diego. An accident occurs, and the group gets stranded in the desert. Two of the men decide to go for help, and the rest of the group decides to stay put and wait. What they do not know is that where they are stranded is where nuclear testing occurred decades earlier, and it mutated a group of people who now have developed the taste for human flesh. The scary thing is, that this movie is based on a true story.

A little heads up here…since we are talking cannibalism - listener discretion is advised.

Welcome to Episode 27…The Hills Have Eyes - The True Story of Sawney Bean

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