Episode 30 - Unbelievable Origin Stories of Commonly Used Household Items


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Did you ever wonder about the origin of something? I do…like potatoes. How did people decide that potatoes were delicious? Thousands of years ago, was a cave man just walking along and saying to himself, “ I am so hungry, but I had sabertooth tiger last night. Hmmm (caveman looks to the ground) that plant looks interesting…(caveman then pulls leaf on what will be known as a potato plant, and takes a bite). YUCK! This is nasty! (caveman then decides to look to the ground) What are those things attached to the plant poking out of the ground (caveman pulls out what will be known as a potato, and dusts it off). I’m sure this will be way better (caveman takes bite). GROSS! But if I bake it over my newly invented fire for about half an hour or so, add sour cream, butter, and chives this will be awesome!!!

Now I am pretty sure it did not happen like that, but one has to wonder how did people come up with the ideas that resulted in what we commonly use or consume today. Sometimes people invent items with a purpose in mind, and they fulfill that purpose. Other times things are discovered by accident, or when invented people realize that the item is better used in another way. In the stories you will today, you will be shocked on how commonly used items came into being.

Welcome to Episode 30…Unbelievable Origin Stories of Commonly Used Household Items.

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