Episode 14 - Malia Miglino - Grave Hunter


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Today is a really special day for me for several reasons…first - this episode is our last episode for season one!

The other reason is that today you will hear an interview that I did recently with an amazing lady. Malia Miglino is an actor and makeup artist who lives and works out of Los Angeles, California. She has her own YouTube Channel, and is the host of two of my favourite shows…Macabre Mondays and Grave Hunter. Her passion for story telling, history, and everything spooky inspired her to create her first show Macabre Mondays which quickly gained a loyal following of who she calls her #creeps to which I am happy to say that I am one.

After learning about the increasing numbers of historic cemeteries disappearing, Malia created a second show called Grave Hunter to bring awareness to this issue, and help remember our ancestors. She has been around the world to speak on panels, travel to historic and possibly haunted locations, and does so with enthusiasm, and a glass of wine.

Welcome to the last episode of season one…Malia Miglino - Grave Hunter

If you want to find both Macabre Mondays or Grave Hunter, you can find them here by clicking on this link.

If you want to find Malia on Instagram, you can find by clicking here.

Thank you all for listening to season one of Horrifying History, and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on season two.

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