Episode 18 - Secrets that the American Founding Fathers Wanted to Keep Hidden


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The American Founding Fathers. Without them, there would be no United States of America. This group of predominantly weathy plantation owners and business men united the thirteen colonies, fought for independence from Britain, and wrote a series of governing documents that still steers the countries direction today. These men revolted against their king, outlined their grievances in a powerful document that called for their freedom, and then fought for that freedom. They won what was considered to be a stunning victory over what was then the world's strongest superpower.

But the thing is that these men were still men. They were regular humans just like the rest of us, and like the rest of us - they had secrets that was best kept under wraps. You know what they say about secrets though...someday they always come out.

Welcome to Episode 18...Secrets that the American Founding Fathers Wanted to Keep Hidden.

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