Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)


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Anniversary month is dead! Long live Birthday month!

To get the ball rolling, Joe has selected a terrible (read: great) film from his beloved Hellraiser franchise. Of course he opted for the fourth film - the one in space! - directed by none other than fake DGA moniker Alan Smithee (actually FX master Kevin Yagher).

Folks, we have yet another super complicated production timeline, including a rumoured 112 min cut, multiple directors and reshoots that completely alter the film's meaning. And yet...there's still so much fascinating stuff mixed in with the hot garbage, including a compelling battle of the sexes, a bizarre (immediately discarded) trans mention and an actress that Trace is CONVINCED is secretly Noomi Rapace.

Strap in for Pinhead quips, the return of Meryl (Kim Myers) and Joe's impassioned defence of the film and, by extension, the Hellraiser franchise. It's a birthday miracle!

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