Hot & Bothered: A Decade to Win


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In the final episode of this pandemic edition of Hot & Bothered, Kate and Daniel reflect on the lessons of the last few months and the prospects for ecosocialism in this decade. They discuss a new, $1.5 billion green infrastructure bill introduced by House Democrats; why dismantling the carceral state is key to climate politics; how the climate movement and the left more broadly has advanced in terms of contesting for power over the last decade; and why the zombie neoliberalism metaphor is, itself, undead.


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Summer syllabus

Democrats unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan (Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill)

Latin America’s Green New Deal (Daniel Aldana Cohen and Thea Riofrancos, NACLA Report on the Americas)

A Crisis Wasted (Reed Hundt, Simon & Schuster)

Kate: Why Abolishing ICE Is Good Climate Policy (In These Times)

Crisis Cities: Disaster and Redevelopment in New York and New Orleans (Kevin Fox Gotham and Miriam Greenberg, Oxford University Press)

We, The Sovereign (Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Wiley)

Katrina: A History, 1915–2015 (Andy Horowitz, Harvard University Press)

Jamaal Bowman Set to Oust Rep. Eliot Engel in Major Progressive Power Grab (Aída Chávez, The Intercept)

Kate: Inside the Fight to Shape Biden’s Climate Policy (New Republic)

Colin: French city of Dunkirk tests out free transport – and it works (France 24)

Colin: Paris’s new public housing push aims to offset soaring rents (France 24)

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