The Ladies’ Menu


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Do you remember menus without prices for women? How the brewing slow-downs is affecting Marmite production. Do you treat recipes as scripture? And a brand moving on.
We re-tell the story of the price-less “ladies menu” in LA which led to a high profile lawsuit after a business-woman was refused a menu showing prices (yes, you read that!). Already incensed by the story, Mirella takes aim at a whole host of tired hospitality practices.
Then, our favorite umami-full spread, Marmite, is going to be off the menu if beer brewing continues to slow down.
Is it really unconscionable to question “the recipe”? We discuss a view of recipes as not just for beginners, where breaking rules is encouraged.
Finally, people around the world are saying “about time” to Quaker’s decision to move on from their famous Aunt Jemima brand of syrup.

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