March 22, 2020: Seeing Corona Through Climate-Colored Glasses with David Wallace-Wells


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All the things the climate story has taught us, or not, about corona, with special guest co-host David Wallace-Wells. David is deputy editor of New York magazine and the author of The Uninhabitable Earth.

Reading list:

Coronavirus Poses Threat to Climate Action, Says Watchdog, Jillian Ambrose in the Guardian

What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Climate Change, David Wallace-Wells in New York Magazine

Climate Change Has Lessons for Fighting Corona Virus, by Somini Sengupta in The NY Times

We’re Getting a Clearer Picture of the Climate Future and It’s Not as Bad as it Once Looked, David Wallace-Wells, New York Magazine

The Coming Avocado Politics: What Happens When the Ethno-Nationalist Right Gets Serious about the Climate Emergency, Nils Gilman in The Breakthrough

White Supremacy Goes Green, by Beth Gardner in The NY Times

Vigilantes in Greece Say ‘No More’ to Migrants, by Martina Stevis Gridneff in The NY Times

Coronavirus thread by Eric Feigl Ding

Good Grief, by Emily Atkin in Columbia Journalism Review

Are We Thinking About Climate Migration All Wrong? by Alexandra Tempus in Rolling Stone

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