#HTBSYDLF - Episode 8, Jeanette Bär


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Jeanette Bär is our lovely guest for this week, the final episode in Season 1 of How To Breathe So You Don't Look Fat. Where has this last 8 weeks gone, and who has listened to every single episode? In today's chat, we talked about how we talk to ourselves, to hair free or not hair free, and her soft, lovely mum. TW: There is also some chat about Jeanette's experience of IVF and miscarriage, if this subject is challenging for you, please take care of yourself.

She is funny, warm, an all round delight. If you want to find her on social media she is @missjsoundtrack on twitter and @jbsoundtrack on Instagram. She is also the co host of Sudden Double Deep, a podcast with her husband Daryl and their friend (and all round dude) Matt Brothers. A triple bill title podcast talking about three films, linked by a word in the title. You can find that, here and here.

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