223: How to Lose Money by Not Knowing Your Numbers with Joe McCall


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Joe McCall has been investing in real estate full-time for over 11 years. His background and education was in Civil Engineering. Before he started working on his real estate investing business full-time, he had worked for several large engineering & construction companies, building power plants all around the country.

As soon as Joe figured out the three keys to success in real estate investing (Marketing, Automation, and Delegation), and started implementing his unique systems for wholesaling and lease option deals, within 3 months, his part-time income surpassed his full-time income, and he left his job.

Joe only works a few hours a week on the “deals” side of his business, while his virtual team consistently flips several deals a month – all for him, in spite of him.

Joe is an expert at flipping properties remotely. In the last several years, Joe has spent many months in Prague, Czech Republic, and 3 months traveling the northwestern part of the US in an RV, with his wife and four kids. While he traveled, he was still able to flip deals in 4 different markets.

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