HR Happy Hour 446 - How HR Technology Empowers the Autonomous Workforce


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HR Happy Hour 446 - How HR Technology Empowers the Autonomous Workforce Host: Steve Boese Guest: Shelly Ballew, Manager of Learning and Development, Paycom This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, we were joined by Shelly Ballew from Paycom to talk about the concept of the Autonomous Workforce, why it is important for employees to function autonomously today, and how HR technologies play an important role in enabling and empowering employees and delivering an exceptional employee experience. Additionally, we discuss the important and critical role that managers play in creating a culture of autonomy and engagement, and how managers alsoneed access to leading HR technologies to perform their jobs more effectively and to better engage with and coach their teams. Front line managers are perhaps the most important employee group in the organization, and HR leaders need to support this group with technology and resources to do their best job as managers. This was a really interesting show, thanks to Shelly for joining us! Learn more about Paycom’s Manager on the Go solution at Remember to subscribe to the HR Happy Hour wherever you get your podcasts.

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