27. A Nurse's Journey From Fat To Fit with Jason Carter, R.N.


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Jason Carter is a Registered Nurse in New York City.

Following the Standard American Diet (SAD) recommendations he found himself weighing 300 lbs and pre-diabetic at 24 yrs old.

In his search for a better diet, he experimented with a vegan diet, a ketogenic diet, and eventually found that a carnivore diet was the best solution for him.

He has lost 111 lbs, works out regularly and has transformed his previously overweight body into an athletic physique.

His carnivore diet is made up of 85% fat and includes organ meats for essential micro-nutrients.

Worked in a Covid-19 hospital ward. Saw that many of the patients that struggled with the disease also had symptoms of Metabolic Disease like obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

In his effort to help patients with dietary advice he has found himself in direct conflict with other hospital staff making the standard recommendations.


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  • Meet Jason
  • Jason's struggle with weight
  • When Jason’s overeating starting
  • How Jason went from vegan to keto
  • The results of Jason lifestyle changes
  • How many meals Jason ate when he was vegan
  • Jasons personal conflict with standard diet educate
  • The problem with hospital food
  • Jasons experience with COVID-19
  • The most common pre-existing condition with COVID-19 passionates
  • Were hospitals overwhelmed?
  • The unique cuts that Jason eats
  • The benefits of livers

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