Two new feathered dinosaurs


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Dinosaur of the day Struthiomimus, the ostrich of the Cretaceous.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new alvarezsaurid, Nemegtonykus, was named from Mongolia
  • Wulong the “dancing dragon” was named with some fantastic tail feathers
  • Washington state may have a new state dinosaur, Suciasaurus rex
  • The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum in Japan will be spending $86 million on renovations
  • The Paleontological Society has named Archaeopteryx as it’s “Fossil of the Year” for 2020
  • Tristan Otto the T. rex is moving to Berlin at the end of January
  • In New Mexico, the Las Cruces Museum of Art has a new dinosaur exhibit
  • The National Museum of Scotland has a new exhibition from now until May 4 all about tyrannosaurs
  • The Sternberg Museum of Natural History has an exhibit called “Prairie Ocean: Long Time, No Sea”
  • For paleo artists, Mark Winton is teaching a new paleo art short course in March
  • The TV show Dinosaurs is getting Funko pops, one for each character in the Sinclair family

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