Bonus Episode - "PMRC WARNING APPLICABLE - "What Grinds Our Gears!"


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"PMRC WARNING APPLICABLE - What Grinds Our Gears!"

If you are listening to this you know the drill! You asked for it you got it! Not for the faint of heart or for profanity and truth fragile ears and minds! This is Vinny UNBRIDLED, UNCENSORED, and dare i say UNHINGED! I feed the beast and he riffs, then he gets Pete worked up!

Katie bar the door you will see your intrepid hosts in a whole new light (It may be dark and it may be bad ...hahahahahahaha)! This is what happens when you impromptu record on a Friday night at Happy Hour! This may be a once in a podcast lifetime type of episode. DON'T MISS IT! And we apologize to any fragile tulip music fans ahead of time!

Get Over It! A serious "DO NOT LISTEN TO IN THE PRESENCE OF LITTLE AND OR EASILY OFFENDED EARS!" has been seriously issued!


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