89: The Reset Rebel Astrology chat with Alicia Orre


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Its Scorpio Season. In case you hadn't noticed!
This past two weeks has been super intense, emotional and FULL POWER! Just us?
So we lined up a chat with a lady who eats, sleep and breathes the lunar cycles and has more Astrological knowledge of what's what, than we ever could to tell you whats coming up for the NEW MOON this week in Scorpio - will it ever end!!?
She is also hosting a FREE lunar reading this weekend, which you're welcome to join right here:
She is also offering you the chance to read your birth chart for FREE so you can get to grips with the work you need to do to remove any blocks holding you back from living your best Life, right NOW.
Pop us a line to justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com for the info to line that UP...... follow us on instagram @theresetrebel and if you want to grab yourself a RR Mug to sip your morning ibiza coffee from cafe Meke, pop into our www.Patreon.com/ibizatheresetrebel account to find out how to get your very own slice of the island into your life.
See you next week..... www.theresetrebel.com

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