92: The Reset Rebel talks Mindset and how to end 2020 on the Good Foot with The Strength Temple's Richie Norton


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After a year on a roller coaster ride how do we end on a high?
Is it possible? What do we need to to do get 2021 off with a bang and not set unrealistic intentions and resolutions so we can continue to not just rise, but also grow?
Founder of The Strength temple Richie Norton, has a lot of good advice on how to navigate to a happy ending this year (and no not like that!) but, how to make small subtle daily changes and movement towards our goals of the New year that is almost upon us and he has had his fair share of Resets in life, especially when he had a three year on and off stint on this very island of ibiza.
He now lives in Wales and nature is his number one tool for happiness. Moving, being outside more, cold water morning sea swims , hiking, breath work, yoga, fitness.
These are all things we have access to, cheaply or for free, so let his Yorkshire tones wash over you and work their magic - but take notes, as he is a wise man, but he hasn't always been that way, as he shares with Jo Youle candidly, on this episode of the Reset rebel. How do you RESET?? Tag us on instagram and we will you send you, one final surprise FREE gift of this year, with your Reset Tool of 2020.
Ways to find Richie:
The Strength Temple website: http://www.thestrengthtemple.co.uk/
Insta : Richienorton_
Ours: theresetrebel

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