BONUS episode! My interview with Dr Heidi Brumbaugh, creator of the Vocab Victor app.


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This week I interview the creator of the marvellous Vocab Victor app, Dr Heidi Brumbaugh.

Dr Heidi realised that my 28-Days of IELTS Word List would be a perfect match for her app, so now you can practise the essential words that you need to learn for IELTS in a fun and motivating way.

In the interview, we talked about:

  • the problems students have when they try to learn intermediate vocabulary (and how Vocab Victor solves this problem)
  • how vocabulary is more important than grammar when you're trying to increase your band score
  • the best ways to learn vocabulary and retain new words
  • the benefits of learning from carefully-chosen word lists
  • the importance of reviewing words in different contexts (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking which are included in every day of my 28-Day IELTS Vocabulary Booster Course and Challenge).

On top of that, this episode is GREAT listening practice! (Nice to have an American accent for a change!).

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