New Elden Ring Concept Art Inspires Wild Fan Theories - IGN Daily Fix


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Happy Friday! In today's Daily Fix, more crazy Elden Ring fan theories have popped up ever since an artist uploaded unused concept art for the game. The concept art has since been pulled, but not before the artist explained he had no idea what he was working on. In Halo news, Bungie's archive of Halo files will soon be gone forever. Yup, that includes player stats, files, and screenshots from Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach. You have until February 9 to go to and save your files elsewhere. It feels like the end of an era. And sticking with Xbox-related news, Xbox Canada tweeted an image of a "Canadian tuxedo" edition of the Xbox Series X controller. Is it an actual product? Who knows! But we kinda want it. We're off for a three-day weekend here in the U.S., so we'll be back on Tuesday.

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