Christmas Stocking Filler!


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Christmas bonus time for I'll Explain Later listeners, as this second Yuletide edition materialises. With only sherry, port, stilton, cheddar, a selection of artisan-baked crackers, stollen and mince pies to sustain them, our gouty guides explore Tenth Doctor David Tennant's 2006 nixed-Noël-nuptials spectacular The Runaway Bride. Amid musings on Schrödinger's Doctor Who action figure and blue-blooded spuds, John pops his cork, Jim confronts curmudgeonly correspondence and Matt makes an empty gesture.

Thanks for all your support during 2016 - we'll be back in January with three more stories. In the meantime, have a great Christmas - and if you get the change, say hello on Facebook, Twitter, email or leave us a lovely review on iTunes.

And don't forget - listener drinks at The Blue Posts on Newman Street in London, from 3pm on Saturday 28th January. See you there!

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