EP 058 - Optimism in Difficult Times, Overcoming Racism, Prejudice & Bias - Shaykh Mikaeel Smith


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Despite difficulties and challenges, Shaykh Mikaeel Smith explains why as Muslims we should remain optimistic. He also explains how Malcolm X led him to Islam and why the Muslim community needs to understand the difference between racism, prejudice & bias and how to overcome them.

0:00 - Introduction2:35 - Lockdown - A Blessing in Disguise?5:00 - Having an Optimistic Outlook12:12 - George Floyd's Killing15:52 - Challenging Police Brutality & Getting Arrested23:08 - Systemic Oppression in America27:19 - Embracing Islam and Malcolm X's Influence34:27 - Understanding and Overcoming Racism, Prejudice & Bias55:25 - Protesting and Standing Up for Justice1:00:35 - Concluding Pieces of Advice

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