Trump Compares Impeachment to a 'Lynching'


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One outraged listener responds to Trump's 'lynching' comments. What do impeachment polls say about how a trial in the Senate would go? Can the President really pretend not to know his ambassador? AP's Jonathan Lemire joins Brian for updates.

President Trump this morning called the House inquiry a "lynching," and continues his "I don't even know them" defense. This time, he was referring to William Taylor, the career diplomat at the head of the US embassy in Ukraine. Taylor is scheduled to testify before House committees today about his concern over the "shadow foreign policy" that Rudy Giuliani was allegedly running in Ukraine at the behest of the President. The New York Times reports that Democrats who had previously hoped to have the impeachment inquiry wrapped up by Thanksgiving — have extended their timeline, and are in the midst of scheduling a series of public hearings.

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