COVID and Guns (with Shannon Watts)


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Today, it’s a moms episode! Andy and Zach are joined by Lana, who leads a chat with activist Shannon Watts about how the pandemic is colliding with guns. They talk about gun violence and what can be done to address gun safety under these circumstances. They also talk about the movement of women running for political office. The Slavitt family touches on Andy’s new initiative #opensafely and go over the low, medium and high-risk levels of our favorite summer activities. Andy ends the show with a call to his sister Lesley about her work coordinating the emergency response to COVID 19 in Flint, Michigan.

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Discussion Prompt: On Bearing Witness to Lives Lost

Andy wonders aloud to Shannon Watts from @momsdemand on today’s episode “I worry that we sit here today and we don't know how to bear witness to all these lives lost and I’m wondering what lessons you have for us as we think about this ongoing set of tragedies and how we really make it sink in.”

For children under 5: Not appropriate for this age group, in our opinion!

For children 5-12: For children at the very top of this age range, you could adapt the 12-18 question below, as you deem appropriate

For youth 12-18: As we think about the tragedies we are enduring because of covid-19, other recent instances of immense loss of life may come to mind. On today’s episode, loss of life from gun violence is discussed, for example. What similarities and differences do you see between the way we as a society are responding to loss of life from covid-19 and the way we respond to loss of life from gun violence?

For the 18+ crowd: As this episode is published, 100,000 people in the U.S. have now lost their lives to covid-19, and yet there has been almost a complete lack of national mourning. Are we desensitized or otherwise numb to the massive loss of life that we are experiencing? What similarities and differences do you see in our national response to this massive loss of life as compared to our national response to lives lost to gun violence?

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