74. PSE’s Tyler O’Farrell with Jini Palmer: Renewable Energy


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In this week’s episode, Correspondent and Town Hall Digital Media Manager Jini Palmer talks with Puget Sound Energy’s Tyler O’Farrell about renewable energy. Town Hall is a PSE Powerful Partner, so for Energy Awareness Month in October, O’Farrell discusses the renewable energy programs at PSE that are designed to keep sustainability within reach. For those with electric power, he explores the solar choice, green power, and customer connected solar options; and for those with gas, he shares about the carbon balance option. Learn more about PSE and energy awareness—and stay in the know about what’s going on in this moment at Town Hall Seattle.

Tyler O’Farrell has been with Puget Sound Energy for more than 15 years with experience in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Performance Management, and Regulatory Affairs. Currently, as Product Manager for Voluntary Renewables, he oversees PSE’s Green Power, Solar Choice, and Carbon Balance programs with over 80,000 total customers participating and consistently ranks in the NREL’s top ten renewable energy programs in the country. O’Farrell is a graduate of Washington State University with a BA in Communications.

Preserving the beautiful natural spaces and vibrant communities in our area are top priorities for Puget Sound Energy, which is why they created their PSE Powerful Partnerships. PSE realized that there are local nonprofits—like Town Hall—working towards similar goals, and they wanted to help with those efforts. Click here to find out more about PSE Powerful Partnerships.

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