Be Water, My Friend: A Conversation about Life with Shannon Lee


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SHANNON LEE is the CEO and Owner of the Bruce Lee Family Companies. Shannon’s mission is to provide access for people to Bruce Lee’s philosophy through education and entertainment. In addition to being the daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon is the Executive Producer of Cinemax’s WARRIOR based on her father’s writings as well as a singer, actor, producer, speaker, writer, and mother.

Her first book, Be Water, My Friend, will be released October 2020 on her father’s philosophy and how to use it in daily life. Shannon hopes that these insights will help uplift, heal and unify people the world over. I am grateful to call Shannon a very dear friend of mine, and when we sat down to chat, the conversation just water! We talked about mental health, martial arts, philosophy, identity, spirituality, death and, of course, psychedelics!

What You Will Learn:

  • A taste of Bruce Lee’s philosophy and how you may be able to practice some of his rich wisdom in your own life
  • The critical importance of freeing yourself from self image by training your mind
  • The power of shifting perspective, the promise of change and the art of losing
  • How psychedelics are one among many tools that you can utilize at the right time for personal and spiritual development

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Bruce Lee Instagram

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