Nourishing The Disruption and Turning Big Experiences into Big Change: Conversations with Psychologist Ido Cohen


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Dr. Ido Cohen is a clinical psychologist trained at CIIS and the Jung Institute in San Francisco. Ido works with individuals, couples and groups in the Bay Area, specializing in early childhood trauma treatment, recovery from addiction, relationship issues, and psycho spiritual exploration. Ido’s doctoral dissertation focused on the psychospiritual integration process of Ayahuasca ceremonies using a Jungian psychology lens. Ido offers preparation and integration services to individuals and groups, as well as various workshops and trainings on the topic. He is the founder of The Integration Circle, an organized community of professionals who are dedicated and passionate about helping individuals and groups prepare and integrate psychedelic and entheogenic experiences into long term and sustainable changes. In this conversation, we talk about the need for personal and systemic integration, the mess of healing, and why being you means giving.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to turn profound psychedelic experiences into big life changes with integration work
  • The intimate intersection between personal and systemic integration work, looking at racism in the USA and in Israel
  • The beauty in shadow work, how suffering can create deep freedom, and the necessary mess of transformation


Course: Psychedelics and The Shadow: The Shadow Side of Psychedelia

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