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Our featured guest—Kevin Dunn, manager of HubSpot Academy Education—is a returning guest; you'll remember him from S05 E14: HubSpot Academy's Curated Learning Paths. At the tail end of that episode, we touched on HubSpot Academy's Guiding Principles, which were going through a refresh. The principles piqued our interest, as we have our own Culture Code that we live and work by.

We caught up with Dunn after the new principles were unveiled, and he walked us through the updates and explored each principle in detail. The new principles are as follows:

  1. Execute with excellence.
  2. Educate with passion.
  3. Create equitable experiences.
  4. Foster meaningful collaboration.
  5. Put the user first.
  6. Never settle.
  7. Always be learning.
  8. Authenticity.

Along with his HubSpot Academy position, Dunn is the host of the vlog/podcast, Agency Unfiltered, where he interviews HubSpot Solution Partners about their experiences and expertise, to encourage partners to learn from one another. You can find Agency Unfiltered on Spotify or its website.

As for Dunn, you can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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