The Importance of HubSpot Direct Reps ft. Caitlin Rose and David Bernstein


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As Solutions Partners, there are several HubSpotters that we don't get to interact with very often, direct reps being one. HubSpot direct reps are the salespeople for HubSpot, and they sell to businesses leveraging HubSpot that don't need/want an agency. There are instances of overlap between the Solutions Partner and the direct rep, and we've always been curious as to what that entails, and how as a Solutions Partner, we can better utilize direct reps. After all, we're all playing on the same team.

Caitlin Rose, Small Business direct rep, and David Bernstein, Mid-market direct rep, join us to provide a look into the role of the direct rep—from heir training, sales processes, dialogue with customers and how that all fits into their relationships with Solutions Partners.

You can find Caitlin Rose on LinkedIn, and her celebrity dog Wyatt on Instagram.
You can find David Bernstein on LinkedIn.

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