INCEL 101: A Primer, w/ Tim Pilleri and Lance Reinstierna From Crawlspace


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In time for that post-Thanksgiving crash, Naama attempts to retrieve something tasty, as per popular demand, by “chadfishing”: the practice of creating fake dating app profiles (generally with photos of classically attractive men, or “Chads”) in order to trick people (generally women) seeking romantic or sexual connections. It’s basically catfishing, but the purpose is to expose or understand the different treatment toward would-be suitors based on physical appearance. Traditional chadfishing has been done enough, so Naama creates three other profiles for INCEL: one female, one male in his late 30s, and one in his early 20s, on three different apps. This is a fun episode for the holiday, so it’s not too heavy! We are incredibly grateful for your support this holiday, so enjoy! —————————————————————— INCEL is created and produced by Naama Kates for Crawlspace Media. Music by Cyrus Melchor. ——————————————————————Check out Crawlspace and follow Tim and Lance on Twitter: @crawlspacepod, @timpilleri, @lreinstierna, and check out Crawlspace: True Crime & Mysteries along w Missing Maura Murray and Empty Frames.—————————————————————— If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, or having a hard time, please call someone, or contact one of the excellent resources provided below. —————————————————————— Suicide Prevention Lifeline w: t: 1.800.273.8255 —————————————————————— Light Upon Light (with Parallel Networks) e: t: 1.202.486.8633 —————————————————————— Please contact Naama at INCEL with any comments, inquiries, or just random thoughts: e: --- Support this podcast:

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